What can we do for you?

Niboo is an Odoo integrator and business consultancy company. We are helping other business to implement Odoo ERP software to manage and digitalize their operations. Resulting in better manangement and business visibility.

Hand in hand with Odoo

We choose to work with Odoo simply because we believe it to be the best ERP in the world right now. Niboo's goal is to maximize Odoo's potential while tailoring it to your specific needs. Whether by using smart configurations or coding customized modules and add-ons.

You are not yet familiar with the endless possibilities of Odoo ? Neither are you aware of the advantage of an Odoo partner? Don't panic, we tell you more.

The Niboo Family

We are nerds.
We are digitalization professionals.
We are family.

In his essence, Niboo will always remain this small company that has grown up without ever renouncing to its core social values: Honesty, people first & "no one left behind".

It's because everyone in the company strongly believe in these values that we are capable of overcoming any challenge together.

Perhaps this could be considered our superpower.