Meet our team

  • Alexandre Dutry

    Software Engineer

    Alexandre Dutry joined Niboo as a Software Developer in 2016 after graduating from Henallux. Niboo allowed him to acquire knowledge of Odoo both technically and functionally. 

    He loves to be rigorous and going to the end of things to solve problems. Aside programming, he enjoys the challenges he finds in activities like rock climbing, archery and playing some video games.

    Rigorous, he likes to get to the end of things and to solve your problems. Beside programming, Alexandre also to take on challenges that he finds in diverse activities such as wall-climbing, archery or certain video games.

  • Alexandre Van Ommeslaghe

    Software Engineer

    Alexandre joined us in 2020 after finishing his studies in multimedia products' design.

    Being a sportsman in general, he also enjoys doing street workout once in a while. When he's not working out or running, Alexandre generally reads, does some series binge-watching or plays video games.

  • Antoine Verlant

    Software Engineer

    Antoine first joined us as an intern in 2017 and then came back in April 2018 as a student. He signed his contract in July of the same year.

    He learned Computer Science from a young age in High School (Institut Don Bosco) where he also followed a training in CGI. He finally got a Degree in IT from the Institut Paul Lambin. 

    Antoine is a fervent scout: he has been leading youth from every age during 6 years after being a young boy scout himself for 10 years. He took his values and love for forest strolling from all those years. 

    Beside being a true rambler, Antoine is also able to stay put as he is a true film-lover: his favorite types of movies are surrealism and absurd (ex. Swiss Army Man), but also social drama's (from Ken Loach).

    If you don't see Antoine walking around the forest or watching a good movie, you will probably find him playing some video games such as Quake or CSGO.

  • Arthur Schretter

    Process Manager

    Arthur studied Ichec's Sales Ingeneering and got his degree in 2016; he then worked for 5 years as a strategy, process & organisation consultant before joining us in 2020.

    He is human oriented and has a passion for efficiency, processes and making people smile. During his free time, Arthur likes to play football, eat sushi and make his own home-made pastas. He often takes care of sheltered cats by taking them home while waiting for them to find a new family.

    Arthur is also a huge supporter of the RWDM.

  • Brieuc de Voghel

    Managing Director

    Brieuc studied Commercial Management and has had multiple jobs since, while travelling; going from auditor for European projects in Brussels to co-founder and Managing Director for Niboo Canada. He now handles the commercial development of Niboo in Montreal, Canada.

    Brieuc spends his free time travelling, doing acroyoga and is a graduated massage therapist. He's always looking for new challenges as well as new discoveries: especially if we're talking about new creative board games.
    He's been married since 2019 and likes to take care of others.
  • Cassandra Léonard

    After studying Hotel Management in Namur (which she loved), she started working at Choux de Bruxelles, where she stayed for 5 years. After having a real "match" with Odoo, she will become their unofficial "Mrs Odoo". She loves Brussels, she loves South of France, she loves doing real estate research for her friends and she loves doing Excel for everything. But also, she is passionate about food: restaurants, good recipes, and good products.
  • Céline Kluyskens

    Céline holds a degree in economics and management from Louvain-la-neuve. She briefly worked in Godiva's Customer Service in Brussels before joining the Xerius team as a case manager for 5 years. Mother of two adorable little girls, she also loves to do oriental dance, meditate, organize talking circles, create and bake.
  • Estelle Hastière

    Business Analyst

  • Félix Francotte

    Marketing & Communication Officer

    Félix joined us in October 2021 and will be managing our different communication channels ; he studied Journalism & Communication at IHECS after which he worked for 3 years in one of Belgium best known TV news. He loves music, plays piano and likes to jam once in a while.
  • Gael Rabier

    Managing Director

    Gaël is the co-founder of Niboo (created in November 2014).

    He studied as a Business Engineer and had various jobs between 2011 and 2014 going from Consultant to Self-employed.

    He mainly manages the commercial aspects of Niboo.

    He likes to spend his free time helping - and even saving - others as a voluntary first-aider. 

    Fast learner, result driven, creative and a real team player, Gaël has a thing for golfing, wall-climbing and hiking. 

    Proud father of two and owner of one dog, he's the typical "people person" we love to talk to. 

  • Jéremy Van Driessche

    Software Engineer

    Jérémy joined Niboo in 2016 for an internship, and then joined the developer team after being graduated at the Institut Paul Lambin.

    His interest and curiosity in programming led him to acquire knowledge as well in backend than frontend and server management, and he is still eager to learn.

  • Jérôme Guerriat

    Software Engineer

    Jérôme is a Software Developer at Niboo. After his graduating at ESI, he joined Niboo in 2015, where he acquired knowledge and skills in Odoo, Python programming and server management.

    He loves swimming as well as to be challenged to find simple solutions to complex problems. He is passionate about music, movies and extreme sports such as wakeboard and snowboard.

  • Laetitia Lèbe

    Office Manager

    Laetita is our awesome Office Manager. She takes care of us like her own kids. She has a librarian bachelor degree from IESSID. Before Niboo, Laetitia worked in various environments such as NGOs and European institutions.

    She joined Niboo in early 2016 and has been taking care of our accounting as well as office supplies since then. In her free times Laetitia loves dog walking and mothering.

  • Loïc Simon


    Loïc joined us in November 2018 and is already taking things into his hands and making it happen : launch/optimization of our Website and Social Networks as a Brand & Community Manager, and creating new relations between Niboo and prospects as an Analyst/Business Developer. 

    He studied Marketing for three years at EPHEC in Louvain-La-Neuve and immediately worked for a famous bank afterwards where he worked for six years as a General Banker, Insurance Broker and Trainer before joining us. 

    Happy husband and proud father of two (so far), he has enjoyed playing Field Hockey since he was 7. 

    He has a vegetable patch and an orchard that he loves to take care of as well as going on a bike ride on sunny days with his family and German Shepherd. 

  • Mimi Vang

    Business Analyst

  • Pierre Maloteau

    Business Analyst

  • Quentin Verboomen

    Managing Director

    Quentin joined Niboo as Project Manager in December 2016. He works on a variety of project including Manufacturing and Resource Planning, Sales, Logistics, Mobile Phone Services. Quentin cares about fulfilling client’s need while keeping in mind their return on investment.

    Since May 2019, Quentin became Managing Director alongside Gaël and Sam.

    Quentin is passionate about furnitures and wood crafts as well as motorbikes.

  • Romain Musch

    Business Analyst

  • Sam Lefever

    Managing Director

    Sam is the co-founder of Niboo (created in November 2014).

    He got his degree in Computer Science back in 2010 and never left his computer since; he first integrated a company working on OpenERP, which is the former name of Odoo. 

    He then tried his luck by creating his own company with Gael 4 years later: which seems to have been a great idea so far!

    Needless to say that Odoo has no secret for him; that is the main reason Sam is mostly responsible for the technical teams of developers. 

    Sam likes to see things done and is the kind of person to have hundreds of ideas going through his mind at the minute. 

    He enjoys a good night of board games once in a while and to meet new people. He is actually renovating his entire house by himself and is an insatiable learner.

  • Tobias Zehntner

    Software Engineer

    Tobias joined Niboo as a Software Developer in 2016. With a good knowledge of the Odoo backend he works on a wide range of tasks and projects. While he loves programming in Python, his passion lies in anything that touches User Experience and Design.

    Coming from a career in the visual arts and a Master degree in Art and Technology Studies, his work with micro-controllers led him to programming. Outside Niboo, he continues to pursue his art practice working with light and loves spending time with his partner and two young daughters.