Meet our team

  • Alexandre Dutry

    Software Engineer

    Alexandre Dutry joined Niboo as a Software Developer in 2016 after graduating from Henallux. Niboo allowed him to acquire knowledge in Odoo and Python programming during first a consulting job and then working internally on multiple projects.

    He loves to be rigorous and going to the end of things to solve problems. Aside programming, he enjoys the competition he finds in medieval fencing and certain video games.

  • Antoine Marlier

    Network Administrator

    Antoine Marlier just joined Niboo as a trainee. He is our swiss army knife, working by day, studying Network Administration by night.

    He loves the seventh art and spending free time writing tabletop role-playing game or playing them.

  • Antoine Verlant

    Software Engineer

  • Cédric Ndjoni

    Software Engineer

  • Gael Rabier


  • Haroon Shabir

    Project Manager

  • Jéremy Van Driessche

    Software Engineer

    Jérémy Van Driessche joined Niboo in 2016 for an internship, and then joined the developer team after being graduated at the Institut Paul Lambin.

    His interest and curiosity in programming led him to acquire knowledge as well in backend than frontend and server management, and he is still eager to learn.

  • Jérôme Guerriat

    Software Engineer

    Jérôme Guerriat is a Software Developer at Niboo. After his graduating at ESI, he joined Niboo in 2015, where he acquired knowledge and skills in Odoo, Python programming and server management.

    He loves swimming as well as to be challenged to find simple solution to complex problems. He is passionate about music, movies and extreme sports such as wakeboard and snowboard.

  • Laetitia Lèbe

    Office Manager

    Laetita is our awesome Office Manager. She takes care of us like her own kids. She has a librarian bachelor degree from IESSID. Before Niboo, Laetitia worked in various environments such as NGOs and European institutions.

    She joined Niboo in early 2016 and has been taking care of our accounting as well as office supplies since then. In her free times Laetitia loves dog walking and mothering.

  • Malcolm Moreno Vacca

    Project Manager

  • Pierre Faniel

    Software Engineer

    Pierre Faniel joined the team as a developer back in 2015 when Niboo was still in its early days. Pierre worked on various project as a consultant and as an intern. He has a deep knowledge of the full Odoo stack. He loves working on websites and frontend apps.

    Pierre is meticulous and likes a well organized, clean code. Outside of Niboo, Pierre plays baseball, takes long hikes, travels and snaps pictures.

  • Quentin Verboomen

    Project Manager Lead

    Quentin Verboomen joined Niboo as Project Manager in December 2016. He works on a variety of project including Manufacturing and Resource Planning, Sales, Logistics, Mobile Phone Services. Quentin cares about fulfilling client’s need while keeping in mind their return on investment.

    Since late 2017, Quentin has taken over the job of Lead Project Manager. Quentin is passionate about furnitures and wood crafts as well as hockey.

  • Sam Lefever


  • Sophie d'Orjo

    Project Manager

    Sophie d’Orjo is a Project Manager at Niboo. She joined the team in May 2017.

    She has demonstrated to be a rigorous and adaptive person and care about the wellbeing of her projects.

    She plays tennis (or at least she tries to), football and ski. She enjoys to spend time with her family and friends around a glass of wine or at the restaurant.

  • Tobias Zehntner

    Software Engineer

    Tobias Zehntner joined Niboo as a Software Developer in 2016. With a good knowledge of the Odoo backend he works on a wide range of tasks and projects. While he loves programming in Python, his passion lies in anything that touches User Experience and Design.

    Coming from a career in the visual arts and a Master degree in Art and Technology Studies, his work with micro-controllers oddly led him to programming. Outside Niboo, he continues to pursue his art practice working with light and loves spending time with his partner and young daughter.