Providing top of the market machinery to veterinarians

We love animals at Niboo. We love them so much that we sometimes have up to three dogs at the same time in our office. Therefore were we thrilled to help Vet X out.

Vet X provides, installs, maintains and repairs all kind of machines ranging from imagery, diagnostic to surgery and therapy machineries; all specially made for veterinarians. Vet X also helps their customers getting used to their new installations by giving them proper training as well.


  • Accounting

    Powerfull accounting software

    • Get your bank statements synced.
    • Create sharp and professional invoices.
    • Automate 95% of your reconciliations.
    • Track payments and manage recurring billings.
  • Sales

    Polished quotation with improve design

    • Sales customize template
    • Optimize follow up
    • Advance serial tracking for special deliveries
  • Inventory

    Maximize your warehouse efficiency

    • Improve performance & process time
    • Less stock, no stockouts
    • Experience total traceability
  • Helpdesk

    Optimized for productivity

    • Optimise SLA
    • Specific action for each step
    • Integration with subscription
  • Purchase

    Manage multiple suppliers and complexes purchase order

    • Sale up of advance reordering rules
    • Optimize reception serial tracking of special goods
    • Improve purchase process

A success story: Vet X

When we first met them, Vet X was working with Odoo v8 which included perfectable applications. We decided to start in a v10 and keep as close as possible to the standard.

Their main applications were : Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Event, Helpdesk and Subscription.

Our first challenge was to migrate their highly customized v8 database to their new v10: the biggest milestone was to optimize the management of their stock and after-sales as neither was automatically updated nor linked with the other. We had to rethink their entire inventory and find smart and easy ways to take into account anything that got out of the stock if sold or used. Keeping in mind the serial number tracking. We chose to create an easy-to-use view of all machines and their parts in order to do a proper follow up in the future.

  • process

    The second challenge is a very common one: Define the phasing of the project to move forward without hindering the ongoing processes in the meantime. In other words: which apps should we put in place in priority so that their daily processes weren’t impacted by the migration. We also tried to remain as close as possible to the standard use of those apps in order to be quickly in production and being able to move easily from version to version.

  • process

    Then came the last and still ongoing step: the integration and tailor-made adaptation of all apps (including those already in use). The goal was to make those Apps more efficient, we added a few new ones : HR, Events, Leaves,… to allow them to manage their entire company from a single point.

Existing clients

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