Facilitating international payments around the globe.

We, at Niboo, love challenges.
Certainly those deemed impossible. This case is one of our greatest
realizations so far.

Homesend is a joint-venture of MasterCard (majority shareholder) and eServGlobal that specializes in cross-border payments in an innovative way. it basically aims at being a cheaper, faster an more transparent solution for cross-currency transfers. It leverages a central messaging and settlement hub and destinations footprint (to about 100 countries) connecting an origiating bank directly to the receiving PSP should the channel be a bank account, a mobile wallet or even a debit, credit or pre-paid card.

Customed Applications

  • Accounting

    Powerfull accounting software

    • Get your bank statements synced.
    • Create sharp and professional invoices.
    • Automate 95% of your reconciliations.
    • Track payments and manage recurring billings.
  • Opportunities

    Custom app to manage complex payment corridors

    • Tailored customer management (stage, information, status)
    • Tailored objects to support all the information needed to open a corridor
    • Management of opportunities containing multiple payment corridors with a high level of complexity
  • My Changesets

    An app that allows you to track changes, record them and use them in Odoo or your specific business systems

    • Track commits and show modified information to other users
    • Highly detailed historic of modifications
    • Allow multiple users to work on the same form and track their changes
  • My Approvals

    Integrated with checklists, approvals and changesets, an app to keep your data validated

    • Full traceability of the approvals
    • Detailed approbation rounds with dedicated team(s) notifications
    • Multiple level of approvals
  • E-shop

    Fully integrated E-commerce

    • Online payment integration
    • Cart recovery & Upselling
    • Shipping provider integration

What we did to make it work

But having a vision is one thing. Executing on it requires a deep level of efficiency across the customer activation lifecycle.

Historically, lots of on-boarding tasks were much handled manually, impacting multiple systems and teams. As business was growing, Homesend was merely adding new ressources to cope with the surge of activity.But there comes a point were scaling cannot be achieved that way anymore. And that's when automation and process re-vamp were badly needed. And that's also when Niboo got involved.

  • process

    The biggest challenge was for Niboo to create a new tool that wouldintegrate a lot of complex processes currently split across platforms.

    As lots of systems are needed to perform an end to end customer on-boarding and considering the lack og automation, it was no suprise that Homesend would spend a little more than a month to integrate one financial partner into their system.
  • process

    Knowing that hundreds of news partenrs would need to be on-boarded:there was clearly something Niboo could do to ease and accelerate their processes !

    We succeeded in creating brand best fit to integrate hundreds of partners in a short period of times as well as building a trusted system to match originators and beneficiaries by creating complex corridors of payment in a fraction of the time it took before Niboo's intervention.

Do the math: Hundreds of senders, hundreds of receivers; each with dozens of product's combinations: we are talking about hundreds of thounsands of possibilities here. We also had to automate the approval flow. the pont was to automatically allow normal payents within accepted limits (amount transferred, number of transactions per day, sender/ receiver,...) and block out-of-norm transactions fot manual validation? Which brought us to the creation of brand new app : "My Approval".

Finally, We created an app caled "My Changeset" that allows us to communicate a large set of information from Odoo to the Core Systems of Homesend keeping all the business and legal information necessary to the daily transactions up-to-date.

CEO HomeSend

There is a moment when any growing company needs to step back and revise its processes and way of operating. We had reached a point where where we could not scale up effiently, economically and fast enough. There is a cost to it but as we are looking at our forescast, the business case became self-speeaking. Niboo came up with interesting ideas and ultimately delivered the badly needed automation within Homesend. Odoo was chosen because of its flexibility and cost adequacy. We also did not want to embark in years of development and with large integrators. There will be subsequent phases to this project as we intend to further stramline other parts of our processes, leveraging this initial platform.


Existing clients

  • process